Monday, 19 November 2012

Meowy Monday: cat photo of the week

I guess I could show some photos from today as me and my sis just recently got home from a "photo expedition" (if a walk through the fields for 1,5 hour could ever count as an expedition or even an excursion). Julle, Jisse, Jinja and Ullegull can with, but Uggi gave up fast (he's never been on the wrong side of the road before) and then Jinja returned home after our cat photo session. Julle and Jisse stayed by the stone wall as usual, but waited for us to return before going home. Which was a longer wait than usual as we were waiting for the sun to set.

Anyway, I could do that. But I'd already decided it was Knatti's day today. So instead of outdoor photos on a sunny and chilly november day, it's some indoor flash photography from last week. Sorry, Knatti, it's the best recent pics I have of you...

 The photo of Knatti on the telly (pic at the top of the post) is older than the two above. Both me and my sis have working old TVs so we still have the kind cats can actually sleep on. And they do love to do that -- who wouldn't like a heated bed?

The below photo is also a bit older. Think it might have been my sis who took it. A not so happy Knatti watching QI.


  1. I love Knatti's sooty nose. At least it appears sooty on my iPad. Sweet.

  2. >^..^< s rule!

  3. Thank you for your comments!


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