Thursday, 29 November 2012

Old UFOs

I've been looking through my stash, both my real one and the virtual one that is WIP photos. It's nearing the end so it's kind of like taking stock, noting the input and output and se how much the inventory has grown. And about finding or rediscovering things that can either be used or destashed.
And trying to dig up old works in progress that was put aside for one reason or another. Guess I'm not the only one that can dig up UFOs that's been forgotten for years that way. I even had to literally wipe dust of the one above...

Here's a few things I've had lying around, mainly because I don't really know what I want to do with them (have you read my blog long enough, you will know this is something I do all the time, starting new projects or making samples and then not know how I want to continue -- there's even a particular blog label for it!). They're all things I don't think have been seen on this blog before.

Above is a porcelain picture stone I bought ages ago. More because I love cats than because I love that kind of aesthetics. The idea was to embroider a beaded frame around the decal cabochon, but while I had an idea -- that I want to try on another cab -- I suddenly started to worry that it'd overpower the picture or be too buzy as there's already a lot going on in the picture itself. That's why I chose grey beads to begin with. But suddenly I started to doubt my colour choice too.

Not sure what I'll do with it. Heck, perhaps I should even give up the beads, go in a completely different and unforeseen way, and stitch a border with threads or cords instead?

Above is a big glass drop pendant that I bought with some diffuse idea about wire wrapping it. I just happened to have the fabric flowers lying around so I put them through the hole. Two things kept me from finishing this project, with ought to have been a simple 2 minute project. First of all, I started to doubt if it looked good, especially after I rearranged the flowers slightly. Secondly, a cat found the flowers and they're no longer in a condition. Not all chewed up, but a tad ruffled as they were thrown off the table. All in all, I just didn't like the look of it any more.

The drop is pretty as it is, though a bit chunkier than my usual style, but it'd be fun to do something more with it instead of just using it as a plain pendant. I'll probably test something like the flower thing again and see how it goes this time.

I guess this could be a finished necklace if I only put a clasp on it, but I made it with the idea that I'd embellish it. Flower and leaf beads perhaps. I thought about using my large "tropical topaz" flower bells (se the charm below), but didn't think it looked as good as I'd like once I temporarily added a few flower dangles.

No idea what to do, but seeing how I embroider at the moment I even consider couching it to an embroidery for a fun dimensional effect.

It feel like a good time of year to start finishing things so there's more of a clean slate -- and perhaps "freeing up" beads from UFOs and instead put them back in the stash -- when the new year comes. Having comitted to the Bead Journal Project 2013, I might need it!


  1. I love that kitty cab. As for me, anything catty goes. Looks like it'd be lovely on a pocket mirror or a tiny pill box. I've got a similar drop pendant, Swarovski Fire Opal. And it is huge. Your flower idea is not bad at all. The green "snake" looks like it's waiting for Xmas ornaments. Last but not least, I ordered Tropical Topaz flower beads a couple of days ago. Wow, they look just great, better than I thought.I can't wait having them in my hand.

    1. Oh, what a good idea about making a box! I never thought of that. Saw some stiff felt boxes some time ago and that might be fun to try and make a felt box from scratch with lid that fits into it and all.

      I'm sure you'll be very pleased with your flower beads. Tropical topaz is a really yummy colour for anyone who likes greens and browns, especially in beads that are a bit larger as it brings out all the nuances. Seeing my own photo, I'm starting to feel I should buy some more beads in that colour.


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