Friday, 30 November 2012

First snow

One thing I really enjoy about having kittens is showing them the first snow. This year we only have Ullegull to introduce this fantastic weather type/toy to. I'd love to have some good pics of him seeing snow for the first time, but unfortunately it didn't start snowing until after sundown and as fast as I opened the door for Uggi, he darted into the dark together with Jinja, Jisse and Julle (when snow comes, they're all still kittens). I could hear them play, but not see them.

I did manage to lure Ullegull into the lamp light a few times to snap a few pics. Rather than wait for monday, I'm showing them here now, keeping my fingers crossed there'll be more snow or at least that what little came today will stay throughout tomorrow so I can get more cats-playing-in-snow pics for Meowy Monday.

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  1. He is really enjoying himself. The last pic says it all.


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