Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Did I forget a Meowy Monday -- again?

I forgot to give you the weekly dose of cat yesterday, I fear. So we'll just have to make it a Meowy Tuesday instead (can't think of anything cat-related beginning with t so I could keep the alitteration... Hrmm... Perhaps Tabby Tuesday, but that doesn't fit as I chose kitten over cat today).

It's a Ullegull medley today. Above a pic of what happens when you try to get a kitten's attention so he'll look into the camera. Or get stuck halfway through the motion and keep looking up a tree instead...

It didn't get better the other day when I wanted a close-up. It got very close up...

This one's better, but you can see he didn't really like the flash I had to use at it was in the middle of the night.

Finally, a bad photo that I've tried to touch up a bit for you. It's taken in poor light and I have many much better pics, but it's still kind of special as it's one of the first photos I took of him. Will run it through Neat Image one day when I've got some more time and hopefully it'll improve it a bit too...

You had to wait an extra day for the Meowy Monday feature this week. Hopefully Ullegull was worth it.


  1. Ullegull is growing fast. Soon he'll be a big tom. But a tabby? I love the white tip of his tail. The pics are not bad. They are rather good for cat pics. They remind me of photographing cats and kittens.

    1. Yes, he's really growing fast. Has a healthy appetite too. He's almost the same size as his one year old big sister and it's only a matter of time before he'll grow passed his mum (who's a tiny cat: especially her sons tend to get much bigger than her).

  2. I guess several cats sleep in your bed. If they all start grooming themselves at the same time, I'm sure you'll wake up.The last pic is my favourite. He looks so cuddly. Irina

    1. I probably would. :) The biggest problem with cats in the bed is that they get there before me (at least now in the colder season, they all want the coziest place to sleep) and either I have to move them -- cats don't like that when they've chosen their place! -- or try to find a small space to sleep in between them. But no matter how troublesome it is to sleep in a bed claimed by cats, it'd be even more boring to sleep in a bed with no cats.


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