Monday, 5 November 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

Ninna or Ninjis is the daughter of a feral barn cat. While her brother became tame almost immediately as a kitten, she remained stand-offish. Even her kittens such as Ulle-gull have become tame at the blink of an eye, but she remains "semi-feral".

But when the weather gets colder, she likes to be indoors. Close to a bed (she sleeps in mine, but only jumps up after I've fallen asleep) or a radiator. She really doesn't enjoy being patted, though when she's sleepy she can be touched. Not too much and absolutely not lifted, but she's not terrified of me or my sis.

(In the pic above it's easy to tell she's Julle's mom. Do you see the similarities? It's even happened that I've scared Ninji by doing a playful attack from behind, thinking it was Julle... While Julle would've like it, she was petrified by it, poor girl!)

Because of her feral way of life, I don't have that many pics of her even if she has been spotted on this blog before. So this monday I figured it was her time to shine. Normally I avoid photographing with a flash, but with the current weather and the fact she mostly comes near me in the evenings I had to pester her a bit with it. She didn't appreciate that very as she was trying to sleep (as she didn't really appreciate me being that close to her at all, camera flash or not). But she's so cute when dozing, I just had to take a few snapshots.


  1. She is so cute when dozing! Love the last picture with her all curled up.

  2. So sweet. There is a chance that Ninjis will trust you more and more, and be tame some day. Maybe she needs more time, like some years. Milka

  3. Cats often seem to believe that we don't know that they sleep in our beds. It is funny. My cat waits for me to fall asleep. Sometimes she is upset if I go to bed too late. Ninjis really trusts you even though she doesn't like to be caressed. She is not afraid to be attacked (by you) when asleep. I think she feels safe and warm.

  4. She looks so relaxed. Cats have different personalities, it is part of the fun with them.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone! She's a sweetie, isn't she? I hope she'll become more tame with age. We've had some even more shy and feral cats that's become very tame and cuddly as they got old. Of cause one mourns that it comes so late, sometimes just a year before they pass on, but better late than never, I guess. And when they're old it can be especially good to be able to handle a cat, e.g. in order to take them to the vet.


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