Thursday, 1 November 2012

Caught behind glass

My dad has some DIY hotbeds by the greenhouse and it's kind of fascinating to look through the dirty glass of both the hotbed covers and the greenhouse itself. Sometimes when taking photos you get an image that looks like it's been through a photo editing software that's added textures to the pic, but this is just glass inbetween the camera and the object. The only edits I have done is resizing, rotating if needed and on a few pics I had to adjust the exposure and/or crop out something.

Here's a few photos I took earlier this week by the hotbeds. The covers have been off and standing on their sides by the beds since early summer and weed and plants have grown behind and between them.

For the top pic and the one here below, I'm thinking they might make nice images to write quotes on or something. [UPDATE: I did give it a try. The quote isn't published on the blog, but can be found on my Pinterest board here.]

I've also done something similar by taking a bit piece of glass from a much more low-tech flowerbed (styrofoam crate covered with broken greenhouse glass pane) and holding it between me and the plant I wished to photograph. Only downside was that the glass was covered with soil and grit, which showed up too well on the photo as the camera found it easier to focus on the dirty glass that on the object behind it. But some of the pics turned out ok as you can see below.

Far from all of these photos are great, but it was a fun method to try. And I've learned a few things for future attempts. The best photos are the first ones as the glass there wasn't covered in soil particles and as the cold weather added condensation and ice to it so autumn and winter will be the best season for this (unless I don't want to use prepared glass or plastic sheets, but part of the fun was using glass exposed to the weather, not creating or manipulating something myself). Next time I'll also be sure to check the focus an extra time as it's very easy to get the focus on the glass rather than the object and in the case of the "gritty" glass that really ruins the photos.

And to finish, just a small pic of how the photo shoot worked, with me holding the glass in on hand and the camera in the other.

PS! There should be a few pics of the greenhouse glass somwhere on the blog. If curious, search for greenhouse and it should pop up. Below is a pics of the greenhouse that I took at the same time as the first three pics in this post.


  1. Ohhh Great. I liked.



  2. I like the feel of mystery you've created here.

  3. Great pics! Interesting to see how you hold the piece of glass. So simple with fab results. Irina

  4. Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you liked the pics!


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