Saturday, 17 November 2012

New embroidery floss

I seem to concentrate my blogging to weekends for some strange reason... Today I just wanted to show something I got already on Monday, but never got around to write about. There are two things I might get in the mail that warrants a blog post: new beads or new threads. This time it was threads. And the best of threads: free threads (won in a giveaway).

I won a package of the new embroidery floss from Sublime Stitching at the Feeling Stitchy blog. Many of the colourways inspired me -- think some of them ended up on my pinboard -- but one in particular stood out: Mingles, a set of pre-blended floss. Pre-blended means that while cotton floss normally consists of six individual threads (ply) in the same colour, each skein here comes with three threads of one colour blended with three threads of another colour. While it at first glance might seem similar to variegated (e.g. Sublime Floss Taffy Pull) it's not: it's two types of threads, not one space-dyed thread.

This floss is a bit special as Jenny, thw woman behind the company, has added a personal touch with inspirational names and little one-liners on each colour.

I have an idea or rather a little something I want to try, but there's a risk I have to get new beads to be able to do it. Will have to really rummage through the bead boxes first: one never knows what's hiding on the bottom sometimes...

Other than that I have to real plans for the floss yet. Think they'd be useful for leaves and flowers perhaps so there'll probably be a small floral embroidery with these. Have only on a few occasions before mixed threads so I'm not used to stitching with pre-blended floss at all. So the best ideas probably won't pop up until I've had time to play around with the thread a bit, seeing how it looks when stitched.

PS! While planning my embroideries, I'm also considering signing up for this. Wonder if I have the stamina to see it through, though. That's what's kept me from signing up previous years, the idea of tying myself up to a year-long obligation. I haven't even kept up to speed with TAST this year (but have an idea about combining the two, focusing more on monthly goals than on weekly, which I hope will be easier). Anyone else doing BJP?


  1. Congrats! This lovely floss selection will be a nice addition to your embroidery stash. Hope you've found the right beads to work with.

    I decided to embroider four seasonal journals, having my own deadlines. I was inspired by BJP but I'm rather busy now and joining BJP is a long-time commitment. Milka

    1. Thank you! Alas, didn't have the right beads at home (though I'll try to make a small sample with another bead). Could be an excuse to go bead shopping, but unless I get some christmas money it'll probably have to wait. I might be a bit too fuzzy but I want the right size delicas (larger ones) in crystal clear -- and would you believe that's a colour that's too plain for many a bead shop I checked out. To be fair, not a bead colour I use normally so I guess many others feel the same.

      I like that idea of seasonal journals. Putting your own deadlines is useful, one can adapt challenges to one's own schedule and life situation. Maybe I jumped in at the deep end, but I did actually just sign up for BJP. *gulp*


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