Friday, 2 November 2012

November bead soup palette

As it's my birthday in november, I wanted to use some of my favourite colours in this monthly mix: purple and copper. To create some variation I opted for more turquoise/blue hues instead of my favourite greens.

Cyclamen opal satin is an interesting colour from Swarovski that I've shown on this blog before. Uncoated, it's a sort of lilac pink that those who dislike pink might not like, but add a satin finish and it becomes a gorgeous purple (unless backlit). Cassiopeia is another nice colour I've mentioned before here, made from a turquoise-teal-aqua-emerald-amethyst hurricane glass. The different colours are easier to spot in the larger size of daggers, as you can see here (though that's a tricky bead to find now).

Old rose ox is a type of copper plating that's similar, but not identic, to antiqued copper-plate. In the photo below I made a variation using matte metallic copper fire-polished glass beads instead.

This mix works without the copper tones too and as such it can be used with silver coloured or oxidized/gunmetal/black findings as well as with copper findings. Below you can find a "copper free" bonus palette with the same blue(ish) seeds as above.


  1. This must be the most beautiful mix this far. Cyclamen opal satin is one of my favourites. I've never combined it with copper and blues.


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