Friday, 21 June 2013

Happy Midsummer's Eve!

It's midsummer's eve here in Sweden today. Quite decent weather too: windy, but pretty warm and it isn't raining. Yet. So I just wanting to take the time to wish everyone a great midsummer weekend with some random flower photos. Enjoy!

 Both the cultivated and the wild flowers are in full bloom.

Some of the free one spreading beyond where they were planted last year (the ceramic  troughs on the right). Pansies want to travel and see the world too!

More summer pics? How about the sea in sunshine from earlier this week?

And to end this post, going from day to night:

You can tell midsummer's been coming for some while. I took the photo below at midnight, facing north, a couple of days ago. Not using a tripod.

With that I wish you all a magical midsummer's night!

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