Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Something I bought

I mentioned in the comments that my sis and I were temped by the Panduro sale and bought a few things that I hoped would perhaps also spark my creativity a bit. Won't show all the things we picked up (but can mention a gaffe: the computer had hiccups and we missed that we added two 500 ml black gesso jars instead of one -- so stupid: it doubled the price and we don't use enough gesso to get through one jar in years!). But am showing you this as I thought it was a fun thing to mention.

Can you see what it is? If you've bought it yourself, you probably do. Otherwise you might get a hint from seeing the "underside":

Yes, it's pom-pom fringe! An why have I bought it since I'd never trim anything with pom-pom -- not just because the cats wouldn't be able to keep their paws from it. I bought inspired by this. She makes flowers of the fringe, but I was more thinking of it in terms of interesting embroidery texture (cf. these shibori techniques). Perhaps add it in an embroidery. Perhaps add beads to idea. Don't know. I just knew it was something I had to try.

In the local Panduro shop, they only had this trim in black and white and there aren't many other haberdasheries or fabric stores around here. Maybe the white could've been dyed or painted (no expert on how well various fibres accept colour), but it kept me from buying any. Until this sale, which included purple pom-poms. Half the price and a pretty colour -- perfect!

(And, yes, the shibori version is way more elegant and exciting, but I've got much to learn before being able to do that myself and using pom-pom fringe is a fun and easy technique I can do right now. )


  1. First I thought it was raspberries. Wow, you really do have a lot of gesso. Black gesso. I didn't know there is a sale at Panduro. Have to go and have a look in one of their shops. I need some (white) gesso. And some new beads.
    The Shibori thing sounds interesting, and cat friendly. At least there is a cat sporting a cape of Shibori fabric on the blog you link to. Milka

    1. Yes, it does look sort of raspberry-ish now that you mention it. Well, at least we don't have to worry about running out of gesso in a long time! We could coat everything in gesso now. At least it happened with something I really like: it's worse if buying something you just need for a special project and don't otherwise care for much. Now it can be seen as a good excuse to spend more time looking up interesting black gesso techniques... ;)

      The Panduro sale started just last week, on wednesday or thursday I think. We pretty much ordered as soon as I spotted the e-mail and mentioned it to my sis. I'm afraid it's only the black gesso that's half price, though. At least online. (There are some stamps that are half off too -- of cause including the set I bought at almost full price last autumn! If only I'd picked up the one with the cat instead -- which of cause isn't on sale now -- and saved this one for the future...)

      I'm thinking of blogging about that shibori technique once pärlbloggen starts up again in September. Might not see the beads, but it's a fun technique and if it's fun I'll write about it even if it's just remotely bead- or jewellery-related.


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