Monday, 17 June 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

Jisse has found a new best place. Several of the cats -- including Uggi! -- like to sit on top of our open windows, both downstairs and upstairs, and while we didn't like it in the beginning -- and not a bit when kitten Uggi followed suit! Upstairs! -- we've come to accept that they like and they don't fall down. Right now it's Jisse who have claimed my sister's bedroom window as his favourite place. Either he sleeps in the window or he sits on top of it.

 Don't know how high it looks. It's not extremely high -- some of the cats like to jump out through that window -- but high enough for us to prefer that they don't. Over 2 metres in any case. Plus the height of the window in the case of Jisse's lookout.

 Not sure if he's looking at one of the birds that have a nest under the roof or one of his enemies on the ground.

 Seen from below and then, finally, seen from inside the room:

The perfect place for some grooming. A cat's gotta look pretty!

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