Monday, 10 June 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

Well, I might be pre-occupied (and feel guilty that I'm not out enjoying the sun) and try to focus on off-computer stuff like work and beading, but we can't forget Meowy Monday, now can we? Today it's all about Julle.

As usual I had companions when I took the garden photos blogged about here. While I had both Uggi and Jinja with me, it was Julls that stayed by my side the longest. And when we got to the sundial, he thought it was hist turn to be in the spotlight. Who cares about flowers, look at me instead, he exclaimed. "Look" of cause mean "Come here and scratch me behind the ear and hug me and let me know how cute I am". He gets real happy when my sis and/or I get the camera and go for a walk. Not because he's into photography or even that he wants to have pictures taken of him, it's just that for him camera signals a good time to get cuddles. Often well away from the mean older cats.

Unfortunately he was already getting tired of the fun when I saw what he was doing and pointed the camera towards him so I only got two pics of him in the sundial. But you can probably still see how fun he thinks it is. He isn't the first, nor the last, cat to find it an odd but fun garden feature.

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  1. Your cats always bring a smile to my face. Your garden looks so lovely with lots of interesting places for cats and humans alike. And flowers en masse! Milka


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