Monday, 3 June 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

Ok, so at least you got one jewellery post between all the cat posts. This is just a short post, though, with two crazy litttle cats. Above Jisse, who I capture in the middle of a yawn (yes, that's a yawn). And below Uggi sleeping on his back.

 (Well, not fully asleep, as you can see. Apparently it's hard to sleep when a camera flash keeps going off in your face.)


  1. Uggi asleep? Uggi attacking, hiding, climbing, playing...but sleeping? He looks so relaxed here. Milka

  2. I think that all those pics of roaring lions actually are pics of yawning lions. All cats spend most of their time asleep, even Uggi. Though it is hard to believe when he is concerned. Anna


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