Friday, 28 June 2013

Instead of Meowy Monday -- a friday cat story

No cat pics of the week this week as I was otherwise engaged. However I just have to tell you what I just saw -- and unfortunately didn't manage to capture on camera.

The cats like to climb up the telephone pole. I've mentioned that before and you can see pics of it here, here and here. Some of them climb halfway up, other might even reach the top before climbing back down. But very rarely do they do what I just saw Ubbi (aka Uggi aka Ullegull -- Ubbi is my latest nickname for him) do: I was just looking out the window, taking a break from being on the computer, and spot something on top of the pole, which is more or less at my eye level here on the upper floor. That something turned out to be Ubbi! Sitting on a pole that's barely wide enough for a cat to sit on!

Don't ask me how he got down: I went to go get the camera and he probably thought I went to feed them so he came down real fast while I grabbed the camera and at the same time told my sis what was going on. So he managed to get himself down unhurt. What a adventurous, fearless -- crazy -- cat he's turning into, our little Ubbi...


  1. So now we know why he is standing on the pole in the last pic. Just training. *lol*. I've seen Russian acrobat cats perform. I think Uggi is as good as they are. Anna

    1. Be careful so you don't encourage him! *lol* If he keeps up like this he's going to give someone a heart attack one day... Now, good thing is that at least he very rarely fall down (just once,from the gutter when he jumped out the dormer onto the roof and couldn't jump back in though the window because the roof was wet and he slipped -- and landed unharmed). Otherwise I'd be terrified.


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