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Maneki's bead blog recap weeks 24-25

Medieval silver beads and jewellery (1100-1500 AD)
[Photo: Statens historiska museer/Gunnel Jansson, cc by-nc-nd 2.5 se]

It's over a week ago since the last blog post before the blog vacation was posted, but it wasn't until now I got a little time to sit down and do the last recap for this season. This time you can find everything from contest tips and beaded flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres) to historical bead charms and jewellery to turkish beaded lace.

All this and more after the break!

Summer vacation info
The blog is now on vacation and no new posts will be published during summer -- with a few exceptions including blogiversary posts and challenge/contest/news posts that can't wait until September.

June monthly bead soup palette
As also posted on this blog earlier this week.

Maneki's cat clasp
Dress up a plain lobster clasp by sliding a fun shank button over its loop.

Viking age bead charms
Be inspired by authentic viking age finds for this simple wirework project.

Jewellery for the dress
Learn about stomacher brooches and bodice jewellery. Filled with old paintings showcasing different examples of these jewels, from the 16th to the early 20th century. And with links to some modern "renaissance inspired" interpretations.

Hand jewellery
Hand flowers, panja, slave bracelets -- this type of jewellery has many names and many varieties. Here's a round up of hand jewellery projects.

Boncuk oya -- turkish beaded lace
Learn how to make turkish oya lace with beads. And read about the history of this type of lace, which originally was made in needle lace technique, but which today is more commonly made using crochet or hairpin lace.

Bead bouquets
There are many ways to make bouquets -- for the bride or the vase on the table -- with beads and pearls. From the simple ones such as twisting crystal beads on wire to more intricate french beaded flowers.

Beaded boutonnieres
Learn how to use beads to make boutonnieres (buttonhole flowers) using beads.

Search for historical beads, beadwork and jewellery
On the swedish website Kringla, you can search and find all kinds of bead and jewellery related items from a number of swedish museums. The date range from prehistoric to modern day. And as a bonus, most photos have a Creative Commons license. If you or someone you know loves history, bead and jewellery this is a great resource! (Website's in swedish only, though. A few good words to know is pärlor = beads or pearls, pärlarbete = beadwork, smycke = piece of jewellery and pärlbroderi = bead embroidery. Choose föremål under the type of object list on the left side for items only.)

New products from LillyPilly Designs
Slate veneer, patterned ultrasuede and cork veneer are new interesting products from american LillyPilly Designs.

Learn more about those vintage glass beads known as nailheads.

Brandi's colour challenge
Brandi Hussey is celebrating her new book with a colourful art challenge.

FMG Swarovski contest
Fire Mountain Gems have opened their latest jewellery making contest.


  1. I've started making a panja bracelet. Inspired by your blog. I'd love to find a treasure, like the one in the pic. By the way, there is a printer's error in the text under it, should be AD or CE. First I thought those were pieces patinated by you. Remember last year? Anna

    1. I'd glad to hear you found something inspiring in my writings!

      Fixed the text too, thanks for pointing out the error. Yeah, that's quite a different patina than mine. 1000 years are a tad too long for me to wait. *lol* How good to be reminded of old experiments! Yes, that was fun, that patina period I had. Other things have taken over now, but who knows when I'll get back to patinas again? I kind of move from beads and embroidery to metal and back again. Depending on what supplies I have at home, what have inspired me lately, where I feel like working ( lazily in bed or in a couch = no metalwork), when I feel like switching etc. Right now I'm between a metal and texile period. And a paint period: I'm planning on buying and playing with Pebeo's fantasy paints (Prism and Moon).


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