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Maneki's bead blog recap weeks 22-23 + pre-blogiversary info

Blogiversary info

Well, time flies... while writing this I'm about to start writing the last blog posts on Manekis Pärlblogg before my annual summer break. That means there's still two more weeks to go before I put the blog on hiatus until september. As usual I will be doing the odd posts, e.g. contest/challenge tips and news that can't wait plus the monthly bead palettes. What's different this year is that the blog is turning five on July 1st. And I have to do something about that, don't I?

But what to do? I've really not come much further in my thoughts than back when I first mentioned realising that a milestone was coming up a month ago (you know, peak season in the potato business now -- sorry about not replying or in any way acknowledging comments right now, by the way, same issue there). My plan now is to skip any ideas about giveaways or contests as I don't have the time or energy to arrange it and hunt for sponsors. So instead I thought I'd do some sort of present for all the readers instead: that is, new free tutorials! Yes, I'm digging myself into an even deeper hole... But I've been meaning to do a couple of those for ages and never got around to it. Making this decision -- and now making it official here -- means I have a deadline to commit to and that's what I need. Of cause I'm not yet sure exactly what I'll be doing. The twin bead tutes I've been talking about but never did and which now is surpassed by so many other free tutorials online it's uninteresting? The stitched/whipped leather bracelet? Something really new? That simple but perhaps dull brad pendant I've already taken step-by-step photos of? I'll be a surprise -- for me and you both!

Anyway, if you have any ideas, wishes or perhaps even something you want to add to the july bligiversary posts, do feel free to contact me or comment below as right now I've barely got a clue myself, just an urge to do something...

Blog recep

On to the blog recap. Weeks 22 and 23 have encompassed such things as a round-up of bead meets/jewellery makers' get-togethers in Sweden, metalworking techniques, Doctor Who projects, Gatsby/art deco/jazz age jewellery ideas, poisonous beads, new challenges and more.

Read alll about it after the break.

Bead get-togethers, meetings and camps
A round-up of some of all the opportunities in Sweden to meet other beaders and/or jewellery makers. From the big annual meets to local bead cafés.

Gatsby and roaring 20's inspired jewellery
Get inspired by the new Gatsby film and create jewellery from the dynamic age of art deco, jazz, the flapper, the modern woman and the new glitzy fashion.

June monthly challenges
Rounding up the latest monthly challenges around the web.

Creative faux shibuichi technique
Learn how to use silver clay paste to recreate patinated and reticulated shibuichi.

Poisonous beads
Nature provide us with an abundance of bead materials, unfortunately some of them should be handled with a bit of care as they can be dangerous to consume.

Stamping solder
Learn how to use rubber stamps to impress silver solder on copper.

MRAW is yet another modified right-angle weave technique, combining RAW and peyote.

Hide the crimps -- four alternatives to crimp bead covers
Use jump rings, coils, charms or big-hole beads to cover those drab crimps.

Doctor Who projects
I'm not the greatest fan of DW, but I do enjoy watching since we got the BBC channels (best change ever skipping Boxer for Canal Digital!). Anyway, here's a round up of jewellery and bead projects for all the fans.

Pewter from Vintaj
Vintaj has launched a new collection that will complement their existing ones (Natural Brass, Artisan Copper and Arte Metal), Artisan Pewter.

Cool leather cords
I can't stop drooling over my salmon leather and stingray print cords from Endless leather.

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