Sunday, 11 July 2010

Autumnal colours and mermaid pendants -- two giveaway tips

It's way too hot here today -- close to record heat in Southern Sweden -- to be on the computer, but I thought I'd write about too last minute tips on two very nice giveaways.

First, the Cornucopia Trios beading wire package giveaway from SoftFlexGirl. This is a yummy new trio in autumnal colours: bone, butterscotch imperial topaz and red jasper. This week's question to answer is related to comfort food and two of the three colours in this mix remind me of a few of my sort-of comfort foods: dubbelnougat and "duo" hazelnut/chocolate creams (like Nutella, but with two different creams in the jar). Mmmm, yummy -- and by that I'm referring both to the creamy "sweets" and the beading wire colours. Me wants!

If you want to enter you need to hurry, though, as a winner will be presented tomorrow around noon (in the USA, so late afternoon/early evening or something like that over here).

Over at Andrew Thornton's blog you have a chance to win a lovely mermaid pendant by Tammy Powley (a name you might recognize from one of her many books or the website A very pretty pendant for anyone who likes mermaids and fairytale motifs. As with the SoftFlex giveaway, the winner will be picked tomorrow (Monday June 12th), though a few hours later; at midnight. So make sure to pop over soon if you don't want to pass up this opportunity.

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  1. Thanks for posting our giveaway. You are awesome!


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