Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bead blog recap weeks 27-28

Wow, you can really see that the heat has got to me when I'm barely blogging at all. (Of cause, I also spend more times outdoors even if I can't stand the heat.) So for these last two weeks there are only a few post. Promise I'll get back to my old schedule in Mid-August. Just have to re-design the blog first and do a few adjustments to get it all clean and sparkly for the autumn season.

Puzzle rings
How to make your own puzzle ring and some stories about its origin and modern use, including some entertaining but probably not true stories about the purpose of these so called Turkish wedding bands.

Celadon is a new light green custom coating on Swarovski crystal, presented by E. H. Ashley.

Swedish bead shop contest
Mixxit is another Swedish bead shop that has announced a summer-themed jewelry design contest.

Stainless steel wire for the jewellery maker
Steel wire is not a new material for jewellery makers and "vagabond crafters", but now it's easier to find steel wire especially provided in sizes and shapes that are useful for jewellery makers. Beadalon is selling stainless steel wire in round, half-round and square shapes with sizes ranging from 20 to 26 G. (Please note that steel is harder to work with than soft metals like copper and silver.)

Vintage beads -- definitions and pitfalls
Vintage is popular, but popularity can lead to problems as the famed word is suddenly applied to many different things. Some of which are not what you are looking for. This post discusses definitions of vintage and antique as well as mention such descriptions as "vintage-style", retro, "from old stock glass", "from old molds" and trade beads. Also includes a few tips on what to think of before buying vintage and ending with a short text that very briefly broaches the issue of ethics dealing with antique beads.

More contests
Last minute tips. Sorry, these are too late to participate in now.

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