Wednesday, 21 July 2010

An evening in July

These aren't very new pics, I took them earlier this month but haven't got around to posting them until today. I've felt a bit busy and having a bit of a bad conscience about spending too much money on beads I just haven't feel I had the energy to write a good post. Well, actually I don't have anything special to say about these pics today either so I'll just let them speak for themselves. Views from a farmstead lawn.

First ones are perhaps a tad boring, at least in small size (click photos to enlarge). I just liked how the sun was shining through the grass and leaves.

Some day our neighbour is going to ask why I have so many pics of their place. What can I say? It's just in the way for my favourite view to photograph.

I've got some pics from a hazy eve in May that I edited at the same time as these pics, but that is something I save for a later date. Not least since half the pics are just "variations", different ways of cropping the original photo, so I have to cull the pics or you'll end up looking at a whole bunch of near-similar piccies of the same view over Svenstad and Hov...

(All pics aside I'll probably never call this a photo blog instead of bead blog -- not least since calling it a photo blog would add an expection I don't want my readers to have, that this is a blog with quality photographies. Nah, I'm just a beader and jewellery maker that occasionally snaps a shot or two outdoors.)

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