Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Philosophy tags -- words, more words

I keep saying how I'm not really interested in word charms and beads -- and then I buy some... But I thought these Philosophy tags from Tim Holtz' Idea-ology line were kind of cool. They had a bit of old time feel about them with the font used for the numbers and a somewhat more "rough" style than most word/affirmation charms. And industrial or army type of atmosphere.

So therefore I bought a package and split it with my sis, who also liked these. Like with my Diane Hawkry word bead, I just felt that this time it was made in a way I liked. And as with my dream-create-inspire bracelet, I found a couple of words I liked, which didn't sound too bland, common or pretentious. At least not when I used them and when combining them -- of cause the words on their own are so common they're cliché.

'Wander' was the one word I haven't seen that often in this type of charms. I like to wander. And to daydream*, which is intellectual and imaginary wandering really. Unlike the journey, wandering has no goal and so the wanderer is sometimes seen as being less than the traveller, who doesn't walk about aimlessly, undisciplined.

...and then it makes me think of this one verse the whole time, "I wandered lonely as a cloud". I'm not from an anglophone country so Wordsworth's poem is not one I hear very often. It might be so well-known it's like a cliché to everyone who have had to read and analyze it in school. I haven't done that. I first heard about the poem in a cookbook of all places (a lovely book by the way, Sannas kokbok by Sanna Töringe). So for me it's still a "new and fresh" poem. And I still only know the first stanza, never really read the whole thing...

*Sadly daydreaming is still concidered lazy and rather unproductive by many so that may account for why I don't see that word in affirmation charms that often, but I disagree. And I'm not the only one. Of cause, it depends on how you daydream and some of what I see as daydreaming, others see as a contemplation or meditation, excersices to rejuvinate and gather new energy. Also, you can daydream while working if you like me have a somewhat tedious seasonal job like setting and picking potatoes: it's either that or talking to the others on the machine or work would be extremely boring and slow.

Sometimes I use that daydreaming time to design jewellery in my head of explore colour schemes. Or contemplating what beads to buy next week. Besides, you got to dream. It's like magic: it might not be real, but sometimes you need that little spark in life, either to cope or to get inspiration.

But if the word daydreaming sounds lazy to some, heck, then just call it visualisation -- that's very productive, at least according to the psychologists. Einstein, da Vinci, Beethoven -- they all daydreamed "about their area of success" according to Wikipedia.

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