Sunday, 18 July 2010

Latest giveaway from SoftFlexGirl: Jingle Bells Trios package

This is the next to last giveaway in the 8 weeks of beading wire giveaways hosted by SoftFlexGirl. And this time she's giving away a Jingle Bells Trios package with beading wires in the colours 24K Gold (from the more expensive Extreme line), Green Emerald and Garnet. Dark and rich Christmas colours indeed. I know not everyone wants to hear about winter right now, but it's never to early to be prepared, especially those of you that unlike me sell handmade jewellery.

And as far as I'm concerned, those colours can be used not just for yuletide-inspired jewellery. Garnet and gold would be very luxurious together for example and not that "christmas-y". Add some amethyst purple (wire or other supplies) and you have the colour combo I named Empress in my "Trios colour experiment". Dark red and green might sound very much a christmas colour combo and the same thing with "christmas tree green" and gold, but it really depends what colour you mix it with. So this could me a mix both for those of you that love christmas and those of you that don't. (Myself, I'm a bit curious to win as the mix feature gold wire, I've never used or seen any of the 'Extreme' wires IRL.)

To read more about the giveaway and to participate, click here to go to the giveaway post.

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