Friday, 23 July 2010

Pretty little fire-polished drops

Before buying these top-drilled fire-polished chubby drops (7x5 mm) I'd never seen them. So of cause, when I then did see them for the first time in that online bead shop I just had to get some. They looked so cute.
As usual something I bought without any real plan for how to use -- I just buy beads because they're pretty, really. But I do use drops every now and then so I'll probably think of something soon. Until then they are in good company in my bead boxes.

But I did try one thing: I thought these might be the right size and shape to put in flower bell beads. Like this sweet white acrylic flower. (For these pics I just strung the briolette temporarily with a short piece of beading thread. I'll probably wire the drops in place for my jewellery. Or perhaps I should try and just string and knot them?)

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