Friday, 23 July 2010

Outdoor bead photography

So... I thought I'd go outside and photograph some of my beads and things for this blog. For some reason it's always slightly windy when I decide to do this, though I don't always notice until I actually get the beads out. Then comes along a gust of wind that does this... The white paper I use as background was lifted by a gust of wind and half a strand of pretty new shell pearls was scattered across the somewhat oil and gas stained gravel outside the bead room. Luckily, this time it was rather big beads and in colours that was easy to spot against the greyish stones and decaying leaves. Plus I'd actually counted the beads so I knew exactly how many to look for. A good thing because a few beads, not just seed beads, have actually disappeared from me when falling on the ground.

Anyway, before I continued my photo session I installed a bead collecting soft "safety net". Which doubled as a soft and comfy "rug" for my bare feet. Worked very well, stray beads rolled into the depressions instead of scattering and disappering. Plus the soft material meant I didn't risk denting or scratching the beads on impact either. Just too bad I put the front side down. Now it's a bit dirty to put back in my lawn chair... Well, I saved my beads and that's what counts.

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