Saturday, 24 July 2010

Beads with a secret (this is not your average bead bouquet)

So one might think I already own enough leaf and flower beads. And surely I must already have pink luster pressed-glass beads in these shapes. But I just had to buy these as I'm childish.

Ok, I'll probably have to explain that. These beads might not look like something that'd excite the child within very much. But then you haven't seen these pics. My flower and leaf beads as seen in the dark. Yes, they're glow-in-the-dark beads.

Unlike many other GITD glass beads these don't have as visible streaks and specks of greenish yellow so it's not as apparant in daylight that these beads glow in dim light or dark. And it's a rather powerful glow, at least if you "charge" them in full sunlight like I do -- then you don't need much for than a slightly dim corner of the house to start seeing that eerie shine.

Unfortunately, my camera is not that good with dim light or the dark so I can't get even a half-decent pic of what these actually look like when they glow myself, but I think the Bello Modo pics are very representative of how they look IRL.

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  1. Wow, något för kräftskivan! Rusar till Bello Modo!


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