Friday, 30 July 2010

The essence of autumnal colours

More things I bought yesterday. I own too much synthetic satin ribbons already, but when I find a pretty colours I just have to get a metre or two. These ribbon are often fairly inexpensive so I don't ruin myself doing this -- and I hope the colours will be inspiring. Something I'm very much in need of right now.

Well, this time I was looking at the ribbon display and these three ribbons were sitting more or less next to each other. Thought they looked nice together so I grabbed the rolls. Now I have a couple of metres each of rich autumn colours: burgundy/auburn, chocolate and copper.

As it turned out, the ribbons all have different widths. I was only looking at the colours so while I did notice the difference in sizes I didn't really reflect on whether it was a good thing or bad thing. Hopefully it might come in handy when I make something with them. Right now I have no idea whatsoever what to make with them. Just a faint hope that the lovely, intensive hues will be inspirational, kick start my creativity somehow with their eye candy.

As I might have mentioned I also got bead mail yesterday and one of the items I bought happened to match two of the three colours, my half a mini hank of opaque tangerine picasso charlottes. I only ordered half a hank as I was afraid the tangerine would turn out to be an ugly orange shade I'd never use. But as I said to the seller, I'm sure that I'll be fond of the colours and be wanting more. Now I'm kind of wanting more...

But I'm really not sure I'll end up using the beads with the ribbons just because the colours match. I might not even use the ribbons at all as I fell anything but creative right now. I've got lots of ribbon to show that I buy them more for their colours or some vaque design idea then for actually making finished jewellery. Still, I keep hoping that even if I end up not making anything with these ribbons, I'll at less be inspired by the gorgeous intense colour combo.

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