Thursday, 29 July 2010

A walk down memory lane

No piccies today. I've had other things to do so pics of my new loot have to wait. But I still wanted to mention today's events.

We went to the nearby village to pick up a much awaited parcel containing among other things pewter sheet, oxidizing liquid, steel wool and tin solder for me and leather scraps and a stone tumbler for my sis. And when there, after carrying this 10 kg package to the car a few km away and then waiting for a friend, we got an impulse to walk to a craft and embroidery shop we haven't visited since childhood. We used to have so much fun going there, buying craft supplies, embroideries and yarn. At least I think we did because the memories are fading. What I remember best is the storefront as we drive by the shop often, the main street in Båstad also being the road you have to take when going from Bjäre northwards. So I've passed by year after year without actually visiting the shop.

Felt very nice to visit it again today. Didn't buy much as I'd already spent much money, but I ended up buying some pretty satin ribbon I hope will inspire me with their rich colours, some beads on sale and a couple of old, old pamphlets about a craft that hasen't been trendy since the 70's or 80's: stocking flowers. And if I won't make any stocking flowers, the shapes are also used for making another type of flowers I've seen in one of my Japanese craft books where wire shapes (petals, leaves) are dipped in a tinted acrylic dip and then assembled. Don't have that particular dip, but a good thick epoxy resin will probably do just as well.

And unusually enough I didn't even buy one ball of novelty yarn. Not even one on sale. And I forgot to ask about crochet yarn for a necklace I'm making for mom (got the beads in the mail today). So: didn't buy much, but it was a very nice shopping experience.

The name of the shop? Broderi & Pyssel on Köpmansgatan 89 in Båstad.

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