Friday, 1 April 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 12-13

I'm doing an early recap of my writings at Manekis pärlblogg this week as I'll be away on Sunday. Two weeks with very little pics I'm afraid...

Sequin beads
How to make sequin-wrapped beads according to Martha Stewart.

Resin clays
There are many types of clay for jewellery makers. One type that isn't as well known as, say, polymer clay, is 2-part epoxy resin clay.

Yo-yo beads
Yo-yo beads are fun no-hole beads that looks just like the toy they're named after.

Perfume lockets
How to make romantic scented lockets, including recipes for solid perfumes.

Bead fair in Stockholm tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 2nd, you can attend the bead fair at the Facett.STHLM bead meet at Lidingö, Stockholm. Free entrance.

Different type of bottle cap pendants
How to make bottle cap charms with interchangeable motifs using magnets and button makers at the Rings & Things blog.

Miniature book charms
How to make tiny books that you can use as e.g. charms/pendants in your jewellery. They are both cute and well-made.

Lampwork beads for Japan
The Japan Lampwork Society asks lampworkers to make beads that will be used in fund-raising or to make a permanent monument in the area affected by the shocking triple disaster.

Rick rack rose rings and more
How to make cute roses and other flowers for rings, brooches and other types of jewellery.

Asymmetry -- how to do it?
Many beaders prefer to stay safe and work with symmetrical designs, finding it difficult to do asymmetrical designs. Here are a few articles with tips for those wanting to learn how to master it.

Kits -- same supplies, different results

Working with kit challenges and contests can be very fun and creative, not just when working on your own piece but also when seeing what everyone else have made using the same materials. Looking at galleries with entries can also be inspiring, seeing all the different possibilites that can be found in one and the same bead kit.

Ribbons and pearls
How to make the necklaces and bracelets that became somewhat popular a few seasons ago, stitching/stringing pearls and ribbons together.

Bead chandelier from hanging basket
Beads Unlimited shows you how to make a miracle bead chandelier using a hanging basket for flowers.

Patterend MOP and shell pendants/beads
Mother-of-pearl is very easy to dye, but also to print patterns on or add decals to. Here are some examples of beads and pendants you can buy. Most have floral motifs, but there are also other nice options, like the one below from Perles & Co (click the pic to go to the shop).

Sequin Nacre imprimé 50 mm Garden Lady x1

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