Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yarn -- my latest obsession

I can become very easily absorbed by things, especially when I find a new type of material to work with. Yarn isn't new to me, but recently I found out there are some exciting -- almost exotic -- fibers out there that I'd never seen or at least never touched before. How about fibers made from freshwater pearls, sugar canes, corn, seaweed or milk? Add to that the fact I already love linen, silk and viscose/rayon/lyocell and there are so many yummy yarns I crave right now.

Not sure what I'd actually want to do with them. It'd be all for jewellery making, of cause. Not knitting or crocheting clothes, doilies, amigurumi or what ever else they do. I'd probably just string much of it. Perhaps braid, knot or wrap it in different ways. I'm thinking of buying hand-dyed rayon gimp as it seems the easiest to find a use for in my jewellery. And you buy it in small "embroidery floss-sized" skeins unlike those other yarns. Or perhaps some braided silk yarn, which is suitable for craft work, but I'm not sure if it's as shiny silky as I want it.

Can't buy anything right now, though, as I haven't collected my wages from the potato work yet. And even after I do that, I can satiate my cravings very well: some of the yarns are really -- and I mean really -- expensive and you can't exactly buy just 10 metres or so -- closer to ten times that length. A few year back, I figured if more people are like we there ought to be a market for buying balls of yarn and resell them in smaller packages to crafters, jewellery makers etc. Never actually delved into that, buy now I wonder again if that could be a niche to test. The gods should know I could use the money, but there probably wouldn't be much profit in it, right?

In the photo, can can see a linen and viscose blen yarn by Marks & Kattens called Venedig (= Venice), which I bought in Malmö yesterday. Garish colours for me, but I figured there were a lot of different colours I could use seperatly in it. So it was cheaper than buying two balls of yarn in colours that are more my style.

Hesitated and never bought any pure linen yarn, which a couple of the craft and yarn shops we visited had. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Better to wait or should I have seized the opportunity? Especially considering I don't have any specific projects that need it. My wallet says I made the right decision...


  1. I have just fallen back in love with yarn too - I bought 2 hanks of yarn made from recycled silk Saris- it's beautiful. Made myself a lovely bag with it :)

  2. Check out this Etsy shop... She does sell small quantities of yarns. Not as expensive as what you are talking about but not a bad idea! I love fiber and use it alot... not anything too unusual beyond silk and alpaca wool. I like what you purchased!

  3. There's something special about yarn and fibre in general, isn't there? It's always fun to see I'm not the only one in love with yarns and there are so many talanted jewellery makers working with fibres in diffrent ways to day that it's hard to to be inspired to create someone oneself.

    Thanks for the tip, Marian! She had a lot of nice yarn mixes there.


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