Monday, 25 April 2011

Too late to wish happy easter, but...

...I'll do it anyway since I never got around to it before the holidays. Or why not wish a happy spring instead? Because this is a lovely time of the year -- especially this year seeing we've had summer temperatures (over 20 degrees this weekend) and the sun has been shining from a blue sky. Temperatures that mean the flowers are blossoming like crazy: bud on day, in full bloom the next.

And as I'm wishing a happy easter/spring -- or should I make it into early Valborg/Siste April (Walpurgis) greetings instead, didn't think of that -- daffodils seem like the flower to show off. Not least since they are the centre of attention in our garden right now.

Of cause, there are many other flowers blooming right now: the hellebore, (cultivated) forget-me-nots, forsythia bushes, hyacinths, scilla, primulas, lesser celandine pasque flower, sweet violet and tulips to name some of those we have. Others, like the crocus and yellow star-of-bethlehem have already wilted.

I have this "bad habit" of wanting to photograph and show everything. Every type of flower blooming or budding is to be captured and displayed on the blog. I'm trying not to bore you with too many pics -- and I am aware not everyone enojoys posts with too many photos as they read blogs on their phones or use slower mobile broadband connections -- or, for that matter, make it in to some weird "gotta catch them all" situation were I feel bad about missing to get pics of a certain flower (or missing to post them as I procrastinate or have other things to do).

And if you wonder how this can be a bead and jewellery blog when it looks more like a gardening and photo blog, well, I promise there will soon be some more bead/jewellery related blogging too.


  1. I love your photos. Why not make those your inspiration for your next design?

    And Easter is a season that started on Sunday...and goes through Pentecost. So you are perfectly timed. I wish you a Happy Easter too!

    Christ is risen...He is risen indeed!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Lovely flower photos.I have the same addiction, plants, esp flowers and photos. Trying to get better at photography, bead making and jewelry. Oh yes.. also computers! Man there is so much to learn. Not to embrace life's lessons on the way!

  3. Thank you, Erin and Jenni!

    So I wasn't too late after all, then when wishing a happy easter. You learn something new everyday.


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