Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunny spring days

So... I'm actually trying to get off the computer and go outdoors because it's a unbelievably beautiful spring day to day. Sun is shining, the sky is blue, birds are singing, cats are happy and flowers are blossoming. Last time I checked the temperature was up at 17 degrees today -- and it's supposed to get warmer. It's like summer.

So I should be outdoors in the sun, seizing the day and all that. After all, we don't always get weather this beautiful. But I'm on the computer and because that means being close to my flower photos, I thought I'd show you some more spring flowers. Yesterday I was up in the hill and found the wood anemones in more or less full bloom. There are so many spring flower pics I want to show, but I keep procrastinating. At least I have these pics of the anemones to show today. So pretty, covering the woodland floors lika a white and green carpet. Sometimes so intense you might think it's snow still lying on the ground.

(Of cause the flower pics was just an excuse to blog about the wonderful weather.)

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