Saturday, 30 April 2011

Happy Valborg!

Today is Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis night), AKA just Valborg or Siste April. I'm not going to light any bonfires -- even if it weren't so dry there's a fire ban -- or sing or celebrate in any particular way other than by enjoying the day. Valborg is the day that celebrates the arrival of spring and with the warm weather lately, it really is full spring. Flowers blooming, trees budding. Unfortunately, they say it'll get colder next week, but on the other hand the rain is needed.

So... I thought I'd send some Walpurgis/May Day greetings by showing some more photos from the garden. Don't forget to listen to Vintern rasat (Längtan till landet).

The wood anemones are still covering the woodlands, as you can see below:

The colours of spring: light green -- almost neon at times, so radiant are the new leaves -- and white, shining in the sun. And to balance that, a few pics below with more shades to them.

And, for a colourful finale, some tulips.

[I shouldn't have looked up that song on YouTube, though: now I'm sitting there listening to En vänlig grönska -- a good soundtrack for my photos nonetheless. I may not be christian but I love those summer hymns (En vänlig grönska, Den blomstertid nu kommer and I denna ljuva blomstertid -- the first one is the best) and there are so many memories associated with them. Two of them were also sung at my uncles funeral, which was held in spring and my aunt wanted it simple, light and hopeful, which it really was.]

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