Friday, 8 April 2011

Bronze rose -- a beaded rivoli pendant

And for those of you not interested in yarn, let me instead show you my latest beaded bezel pendant. As usual -- check out the bezel or rivoli tag for more examples -- the bezel is made using 2-needle raw that I then embellished on the front and sides.

The pendant is made using a 14 mm rose starlight rivoli (lovely metallic rose/dark gold hues), 15/0 bronze seeds and hex cuts in cinnamon gold luster. As always, it's not easy to capture all the colours in a rivoli with a surface effect, but trust me: if you like metallic and rose tones, you'll like rose starlight.

I made a similar pendant before this one where I added an onlay using just bronze beads in the front, but that version was just obscuring the rivoli too much. Adding the hex cuts, I got some more colour, making the rivoli appear larger instead of visually "shrinking" within a thich bronze bezel.

I keep using by bezelled rivolis as "simple" pendants, but I do feel like I want to make at least one more extravagant design, stitching together several bezels in an glamourous necklace. Not my usual down-to-earth style, but one has to make more exciting and complex projects sometimes in order to explore and challenge one's creativity. (As always, money is often the issue: buying a lot of rivolis and using them all at ones is just so expensive.)


  1. It's really beautiful! I hear you about the money thing. Kudos to you for trying things outside your zone. :)

  2. Thank you! Still haven't got around tothinking about my "extravagant" design yet, but I have my eyes on a few pretty Preciosa rivolis at the moment -- just waiting for my paycheck before even thinking about buying them! -- and hopefully they'll inspire me.

  3. What a beautiful and rather original design. I'd love to make a such a stunning necklace with lots of sparkle, but yes, you are right, rivolis are far to expensive and without them I stick to my old tracks.


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