Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 14-15

It's been two weeks again so here's a new edition of "Manekis pärlblogg in review". There are a couple of contest tips this time. Other than that, it's a melee of topics as usual, from the dangers of chrome tanned leather to candy beads to yarn made from freshwater pearls.

1000 posts
Yes, I've now written 1 000 posts since starting on July 1st 2008. Who would've known I'd be doing this for so long? Certainly not me.

Four elements design contest
Swedish bead shop Sirlig has announced a new jewellery contest. The theme is the four elements (air, water, earth, fire).

Gerbera design contest
Perle4U announced a new contest this week, based on the pattern Gerbera. Make a piece of jewellery using at least on of the beaded flowers for your chance to win.

Candy beads
This is more nostalgia than a presentation of a bead type you're likely to use in your beadwork. Dextrose beads as you find them in your childhood's candy necklaces.

Toho SuperNova Hybrids
Toho hybrids are japanese quality seed beads (seeds, bugles, cubes, triangles) from Toho given beautiful custom coatings in the Czech Republic.

Swedish bead meet 2011
On the 12th of April, beaders throughout the country could begin to sign up for PUSS (meaning kiss in Swedish), the big annual bead meet in Stockholm. All places were booked by the next day, though you can still sign up for a place on the "stand-by list". Bead shops: don't miss the info on how to become a sponsor.

Leather -- choose eco-friendly, avoid chrome tanning
Leather and suede are popular materials for jewellery, but the (cheap) chrome tanned skins can have severe negative effects on both the environment and human health. Recycle or use eco-friendlier vegetable tanned alternatives.

Sweet shrink plastic flower bell beads
How to make cute flower bell, similar to the popular acrylic/lucite flowers.

Bracelet becomes belt and other costume jewellery make overs
Martha Stewart shows how you can turn a glittering bracelet into a belt for your party outfit. Or why not turn earrings into brooches or brooches into bracelets?

Katiedids design contest
Katie Hacker and Beadalon has presented a contest focusing on Katie's versatile Katiedids jewellery components. Use your creativity to make something original.

Leather strap with chain
Jewellery chains make nice design elements on leather bracelets. You can also buy leather straps already edged with chain.

Articles on eco-friendly jewellery making
The latest issue of Svensk Natur, the magazine from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, had two articles of interest for jewellery-makers. One on the positive news that mercury use is dropping among Philippine gold miners as the risks for both environment and human health is high-lighted. The second article is on sustainable jewellery, from recycling to fair trade. Both can be viewed online for free.

Combining bead stitches
Learn how to make transistions from one beadweaving stitch to another.

More colourful patinated jewellery supplies
Lovely coloured brass tags from Swedish bead shop

Freshwater pearls becomes yarn
There are several brands that offer yarns partially made from pearl fibre -- a fibre consisting of pulverised Chinese freshwater pearls. The pearl fibre is mixed with viscose for a soft and comfortable yarn, claimed to protect the skin from UV radiation and thus protecting the skin from aging.

April challenges
Monthly challenges from Art Bead Scene, Vintaj, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash and La Bella Joya.

New ways to view the blog
Information about the new Blogger features with dynamic views.


  1. Thank you for all the above topics. 1000 posts! What an amazing achievment! Hope I will get there one day...!

  2. Thank you! About 1000 posts, you know, suddenly it just happens. Before you even realise it. With Manekis pärlblogg, there's also a lot of really short posts and they add upp much faster than e.g. the posts I do here on Wild roses. But that aside, it does happen faster than you think -- I'm sure you'll feel the same way too when you reach the 1000 mark. ;)


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