Monday, 4 April 2011

Randa and the snowdrops

I must publish some pics of our other cats soon. I think they're getting jealous as seem to only have photos of Randa to show all the time...

This time, I guess she felt we weren't focusing enough on her, just sitting there and taking pics of the spring flowers (will show you more of those tomorrow) when we should be be paying full attention to her. So she walked up to the snowdrops and placed her self in the middle of them.

After a while she was fed up with the photo session of it and left us with the flowers. You can see how she seems to get less and less interested in us from one photo to the next. I didn't have my camera out when she first started posing. Only my sis had, but I had to get mine as well. In the first pic, I think she's thinking "oh, you too?" She was already getting tired of the attention she craved just seconds ago.

For those of you that don't know, we have eight cats. Counting the one that isn't ours but seems to have made our farm her home. Apart from Randa we have Minimuss (Mini), Mimsan (Mimi), Figaro (Figge), Knatti, Ninjis (Nini), Randi and Rostan.

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