Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter by the sea

Yesterday, my grandma invited us to lunch and in the afternoon, my sis and I took the opportunity to walk down to the beach (grandma lives in Vejbystrand by the sea -- more precisely by the shoreline surrounding the Skälderviken bay, which divides Bjäre peninsula from Kullen peninsula).

It was a wam day so it wasn't exactly desolate -- many tourists had come down to their summer cabins over the easter break and enjoyed the beautiful, warm day at the beach -- but the water is still relatively cold (we spent some time wading in it) and we didn't see anyone bathing.

The water levels were low so we found quite a bit of shells to sift through. I even found two pieces of sea glass. The bigger piece had probably not been in the water for long as it was still semi-glossy. Here's some of the bits and pieces I took with me. Don't know what to do with them, but at least a few of them will be used in my jewellery one way or another.

I should add that several of these pics are not taken by me, but by my sis (and it's her camera as well, I just borrowed it for a few shots). The shells above were found by her aswell (and photographed by her). They were stacked like that when she found them so the photo isn't arranged.


  1. Love the pictures! I love finding shells and treasures on the beach! So fun!

  2. Thanks! (Or maybe that's not for me to say, seeing how most of the pics are ones I've nicked from my sis...)

    Yes, treasure hunts on the beach can be a lot of fun -- especially if one can time the visit with an ebb tide.


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