Monday, 9 January 2012

Afternoon snow

Some time after noon it began snowing today. First snow of the new year. Of cause I had to take some photos. I actually took these leaning out of my bedroom window as I didn't want to go outside, while it still snowed as the camera might be damaged.

Julle of cause had to run out to play after it'd snowed for a few hours more. Jisse didn't want to join it, preferring to sleep on a cozy blanket (after keeping me from sleeping this morning -- I think we both suffer from sleep deprivation today after hours of him demanding to be cuddled). Jinja did venture outside, though. Not as fond of the snow as Julle, but she had to check it out -- and be attacked by the hyper-active maniac.

I'm not exactly sure what Jinja is doing in that last pic. She's either trying to catch a snowflake or her tail. Or possibly both. At the same time. Both Julle and Jinja tried to catch falling snowflakes when I didn't have the camera ready. Really cute.

And I visited Pixlr-o-matic for the first time in ages, resulting in these two images:

They had some new overlays and frames I just had to try. It can be a lot of fun playing around with photos like this. Only problem is, it can be so hard to choose between all the options. In the end I just had to say stop and save what I had in front of me at the moment or I'd still be there, not being able to choose what frame to use...


  1. It just started snowing here, but it's not sticking to the street -- come ONNNNN big snow storm! (I need to live in Maine, don't I?)

  2. I love your snow and cat story. I love what you did to the last two photos..I have never heard of it an app? Both are lovely effects and the dash of flowers on the frame is so cute.

  3. Thank you!

    Jenni: You can find/read about Pixlr-o-matic here

  4. I love the photos treated with Pixlr-o-matic. Really lovely.I have to try it myself.Thank you for sharing!Milka

    1. Thank you! Be sure not to miss Pixlr Express either: (same effects as in the o-matic but easier plus more photo editing options).


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