Thursday, 19 January 2012

Flower vine bangle

If I had to choose one word to describe this bangle it'd be challenge. Not that it was a huge challenge to design and make, but because it is the result of two different challenges.

First, the idea to wrap this wooden bangle base with recycled sari ribbon came from my participating in B'Sue's sari ribbon party blog hop back in October. I'd wanted to do something with wrapped fibre, but in the end, I did something very different from that. But then in December I sat down and wrapped this bangle I bought ages ago intending to wrap it with thread, cord or some such. After wrapping it, I didn't have any ideas for embellishment that felt good enough. Scrapped the idea to use copper wire for example. Thought vaguely about embroidery, but in the end it just sat there in a UFO/project inspiration tray for ages.

Then came 2012 and I had signed up for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. The first week the stitch of the week was fly stitch. This week's stitch was one of my favourites: feather stitch. Inspired by that I made this embroidery using DMC mouliné cotton floss for the feather stitch vine and hand-dyed flower thread (by Tentakulum) for the fly stitch flowers.

Maybe I should've used another hue of green or used flower thread instead of mouliné -- and it's far from the prettiest feather stitches I've ever made -- but I still think it looks ok. And it felt great to finally finish this project!


  1. I think it looks awesome. I love the texture that the ribbon and the embroidery provide!

    1. Thank you!

      It can be a bit fiddly to stitch on something dimensional like this, but it's often worth it.

  2. this is very original thing!!! nice idea!

  3. Clever stitching on the bangle! I love all your explorations of this stitch, Connie.

  4. Thank you, ashenka and Connie! I'm glad you all like it.


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