Thursday, 26 January 2012

Digital paintings

I'm spending the afternoon working with photos. As uploading and basic editing can be a bit tedious if having many photos to process, I took a break to play around with the now free premium textures in Picnik. You might recognize the pics I've used from this post.

For each pic I used at least two different textures on top of each other, using different blending modes to create an effect I liked. I also added frames to two of them, but not sure it did much to enhance the "digital paintings". Sometimes a frame is a good way to delineate an image and create a transition between image and background. Perhaps even crucial. Other times it isn't really needed.

 The "moon" in the image above is part of the texture. I added it just because it looked kind of like a moon or clouded sun, but it's not really a realistic effect. (Let's not even talk about realism when it comes to the sky in the next "painting".)

Kind of regret the frame around this one. Too much, perhaps. Too heavy, which makes it stand out more than the image, which should be the centre of attention. Anyway, I like the picture and frames can always be cropped later. That's one of the good things about creating on the computer. There's always previews and ctrl+z.


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