Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TAST week 1: fly stitch (update)

I've added some more "doodles" this weekend so I thought I'd show an updated version of the fly stitch "sampler". You can read more about the sample and TAST challenge in my previous TAST post here.

Ideally I wanted to add a fly stitch pendant too, but it isn't finished yet. Got sidetracked, but not by the usual suspect (Internet), but by a book. Which feels more ok to be consumed by somehow. I'm re-reading Guy Gavriel Kay's The Lions of al-Rassan so while I should be familiar with the story, I'm still reading it like it's new to me and find cliff hangers that means I just have to read one more chapter. It's a few years since I read it the first time.

Anyway, the fly stitches. It's just a few more variations. Tiny stitches compared to the first ones -- do click the picture for a close-up. I like how a loose twisted fly stitch done upside-down turns into an awareness ribbon. My favourites are the vine on the right and the little wing/moth motif over the second pink flower.

(At first I didn't do many vines/ferns/branches as in Swedish embroidery books that's considered another stitch, kvistsöm. Kvistsöm can also be made in a different way and is then called fern stitch in English.)

And now I'm on to week 2. This time it's all about blanket stitch -- and I intend to use beads this time. Will show pics later this week.


  1. Well done on week one, I have tried to find time for week two but as yet have been able to make a start. The week goes too quick.

  2. These are great examples of the fly stitch.

  3. Thank you!

    Yes, time does fly sometimes. My biggest worry about signing up what that I would start to lag behind and give up. So far so good -- can only hope it'll stay that way throughout the challenge.


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