Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 2-3

It's time for the first recap of my writings at Manekis Pärlblogg for the year. As usual there's everything from project tips to fun websites, but this time with unusually many tips on contests and challenges.

Finish or Frog Along
When the UFO pile gets too large it's time to tackle it. Operation Tackle That Bead Stash starts off the year with a new bead along: each month you select a UFO that you must either complete or rip up during the month.

Leather and suede tassels
Learn how to make your own tassels from leather and suede (faux or real).

Guide to non-piercing earrings
The Swedish version to the article I wrote on this blog and which you can find here.

Watch out for stolen patterns!
Online you can find many bead patterns and project, for free or for a fee. But beware that some of the patterns are sold or shared under false pretenses, stolen from the creator. For example, one beader found her free tutorials sold by someone else on Etsy.

Special beading needles
There are many types of beading needles. My two latest are curved beading needles and ball point bead embroidery needles. Read more about them in this post.

Colour mixes -- add and subtract
Pretty much a Swedish version of what I wrote on this blog in the post called Bead mix variations.

Swedish jewellery design contest announces their winter conest, which has a message theme.

International Charm Day 2012
Any plans for this day, April 28, celebrating art charms in all their forms?

Crochet and knit on jewellery chain
Make bracelets by crocheting or knitting straight onto a metal chain.

Most read 2011
Which are the most read posts of last year. Click and find out.

Beaded laughter
You haven't missed this humour blog for (female) beads, filled with bead related humour and hunks? Inspired by another craft humour blog, Handmade Ryan Gosling.

Copper Pipe Pendants
Cut pieces of copper pipe and use as bezels for making cute resin pendants/charms.

Bust form display challenge
BeadFX challenges you to make your own version of the popular vintage bust form jewellery displays.

Beaded earphones
Add colour and keep the wires from tangling by putting beads on your earphone wires. Cut a slice in Nabbi/Hama/Perler/fuse beads and clamp them onto them.

January challenges
A round-up of monthly bead and jewellery challenges you can parttake in this month.

Beadwork's Beaded Bead Contest
It's time to plan if you want to enter the beaded bead contest hosted by Beadwork magazine.

Fashion Colorworks 2012
It's time again for the annual bead contest focusing on the colour trends of the year (as predicted by Pantone).

Random craft tutorials
With fun website Random Tutorial Generator you can find your way to many craft tutorials online. If you don't like the randomizer, you can also search the database for tutorials of interest.

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