Monday, 2 January 2012

Bead mix variations

I keep going through a lot of photos that's just lying around. This is a series of pics I took of a shell pearl mix I bought from Rings & Things. While I liked the colours enough to buy the strand, the combo wasn't really my favourite. But then I culled one of the colours and suddenly, the colour combo felt more harmonious. That led me to experimenting with different ways of combining the colours, omitting one or two colours at the time. The result of that can be seen in these following photos. (Unfortunately taken outside on a very bright -- and windy! -- day so please excuse the harsh shadows and highlights.)


So what did I learn from that? Well, if you've got a bead mix that doesn't feel just right, try and remove one or more colours and the mix might turn out more appealing and useful for you. On mix can contain several interesting colour combos if you just look for them.

It's of cause easier to do this with "big" beads than with tiny seed beads. With seed beads it's easier to alter a bead mix you don't like by adding more beads, either in a new colour or in one of the colours already found in the mix (though think before you do it or you just end up with a bigger pile of beads in messy colours).

PS! I did end up using one of the two-colour combos above actually: they can be found in this bracelet.


  1. Lovely! Such a simple lesson, but it has an impact on the finished result. What I hate is when you like a color combination on the table, but then the finished product isn't quite what you wanted it to be.

  2. Interesting play with colour. The Lilac bracelet is lovely.Just can't belive you made it with pearls from the mix, as it looks like to begin with. Love your colour combo in the bracelet.A great tip when feeling uninspired.


  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Kristina: know exactly what you mean. It's so frustrating.


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