Saturday, 21 January 2012

Snow day -- and a note on my blog list

It's been snowing today. It just recently stopped. They've promised up to 10 cm today, but as it's very wet it won't be that much left on the ground. But the weather's kept me indoors today. No fun running between houses (i.e. the house where my sis and I lives and the main house where our parents live -- and where I sit using their computer) when you're being "attacked" by big, wet snowflakes. Not even the kittens wanted to be outdoors much today.

Above is a pic I took a few hours ago from my bedroom window. Below is two more I took just recently from the computer room (which has a window I couldn't open). The first one is most recent: the second I took while it was still snowing a little.

The blog list issue

As I'm already writing, I wanted to add a note about the blog list that has disappeared. What happened was I tried to update it, but it didn't work. So I made a new list. It worked, but I'd forgotten some blogs and when trying to add them, it didn't work. So I made yet another list -- and it flat out refuses to be saved. So now I have no blog list, updated or otherwise. Have tried that many times now for a couple of days. Even switching computers and web browser to see if that was the problem, but that had no effect. Not sure what the problem is (listing 187 blogs -- might that be it?) and so far I haven't made an effort to search the help forums or anything. Hopefully it'll resolve itself soon.

If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd love to know!

In the mean time, you can always go to my Blogger profile for some blog tips. It's not all the blogs I read, but many of them.

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