Tuesday, 10 January 2012

...and then the snow was gone

I knew it already yesterday that the snow would be gone by today. My sis had told me the temp would go up. And so this is what it looks like outside today. Very different from yesterday.

Took a new photo of one of our bamboo plants. I love bamboo and as it's an evergreen it's a thankful photo object this time of year. This time it was with the intent to do something fun in Pixlr-o-matic with it. But I ended up not being able to choose effects so therefore it's two instead of just one photo below.

Yeah... I'm thinking the first one turned out better...

Som trivia about bamboo: In Chinese art, bamboo is known as one of the "three friends of winter", the other two being pine and plum (more specifically méi, also known as ume in Japanese). Three plants that do not wither or die when winter approaches and therefore came to symbolize properties like perseverance, integrity and modesty. I've thought about doing jewellery on that theme, but it's never gone beyond just loose ideas. I have made a few pieces inspired by just bamboo, though.


  1. Wow, I never knew bamboo could grow in cold climates like Sweden. I thought it was tropical, because it grew everywhere when I lived in Africa. (It grows where I live now near Washington, DC, but our winters are fairly mild.)

  2. Yes, we can have bamboo here too. Though of cause it's just some species that survive the weather. Such as the mountain bamboo that can grow in pretty much all of Sweden (I've been told, living in Skåne I'm used to being able to grow plants that can't be cultivated elsewhere in the country). Then there are other species that can just be grown here in the southern, coastal regions.

    They say that the biggest threat to these hardy bamboos are actually not cold winters but the harsh spring sun (which is also tough on a lot of other plants).

    You know, in växtzon 1 (the areas with the mildest climate in the country) there are even people growing peaches outdoors. Some more successfully than others. And in some towns here in Skåne you can also find palm trees. Though to be honest, it's not like they survive the cold months so they are kept indoors during winter. Just like the citrus, olive and other more exotic trees you can find in some gardens. I think in colder climates, garden enthusiasts always consider it a challenge to try and grow things that natually prefers warmer temperature and milder climates.

  3. I love the trivia about bamboo


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