Monday, 23 January 2012

Snowy landscape

Not all of the snow has melted again so today my sis and I went for a walk in the afternoon. Jisse followed us for a while, but it was too cold, he said (or rather, we saw how he shivered). And even worse: the icy crust was hard enough for him to put a paw on, but as soon as he put any body weight on the paw, the crust broke. Not always, but for about three of every four steps he took. It's really difficult for a little cat to walk in such snow, even if it's just a few centimetres deep.

The sun that was partially the reason for us deciding to go for a walk soon disappeared behind the heavy clouds so no in the end I didn't get any fab pics. But I did get a few I at least liked.

Here's an old roll of fencing. Walking past it, I was captured by the effect you get when looking at the layers upon layers of the same pattern. Before I show the more scenic photos, I wanted to show some macro shots.

These two pics should be view in full scale (click the image to do so). It's ice over gravel where the water drips from the gutter on the barn.

Moss and grass on one of the many low dry stone walls around here.

To the left you can see old bronze age mounds, to the right a more modern religion can be seen in the form of the curch in Hov. This is also a relatively big pic (700 px wide) so be sure to click it so you can enjoy it in full scale.

View over Skälderviken bay and the peninsula of Kullen. If I seem to only take photos from this point during wintertime there's a reason for it: during the warmer months there's a lot of electric fences, cows and crops in the way between this spot and our house. Too much of a hassle (and last year one of the neighbour's cows was unreliable so we were warned to not be on the wrong side of the fences).

The rest of the pics were a bit so-so even after editing in Picnik so I took the opportunity to add effects in Pixlr-o-matic which I like, but before getting that far, I found Pixlr's new Express and had to give that a go. Now that Picnik is shutting down, I'll have to check out the other free image editors to find a new favourite. So far Pixlr Express seems interesting and I like that it has all the o-matic has but without the hassle of flipping back and forth plus some image editing tools. And you can use multiple overlays, effects and borders -- something I missed using the o-matic. For the rest of the things I want to be able to do with my photos, I'll probably have to check out the Editor -- just having looked at it a few minutes, it looks promising.

First one's my favourite. That's why it's at the top. With the second pic, I used a ripped frame to remove a part of the image I didn't like. With the third pic, I forgot it's a bad idea to add a (toned out) black frame on top of a white one: it turns the white frame grey. Should've done it the other way around. Well, now I'm sure to remember it next time!


  1. Amazing photographs, looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you!

      Of cause I missed the sunshine and a lovely sunset, which came the day after I took those pics. 'Don't worry', my sis said. 'They've promised sun tomorrow too so you'll get a new chance soon.' Of cause there were no sun. But winter is finally here and cold weather usually mean a blue sky and sunshine sooner or later.


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