Friday, 27 January 2012

Bead soup teaser

I was one of the lucky who won a spot in the fifth Bead Soup Blog Party, which -- as usual -- is hosted by Lori of Pretty Things. This will be my third time participating in this fun (and huge) event. For this party, I was partnered with Canadian jewellery maker Penny of Copper Penny Designs.

This week, I assembled a bead soup for her and I'm keeping my fingers crossed there'll be something she likes in that soup. It's always tricky picking a good mix for someone you don't know. Even if it's supposed to be a challenge, perhaps working with beads you wouldn't choose yourself, at the same time you want to give something that the recipient will enjoy and can feel inspired by. So I'm hoping it will be an appreciated and positive surprise when opened.

But... I have to confess this... Guess what I managed to do.

The day after I mailed the bead soup, I tidied up a bit in my bedroom and what do you think falls out of a blanket. Yes, that's right, a little something that was meant to be part of the soup, but which had slipped out when I wrapped the present and hidden in the blanket. D'oh! That's what you get for not sitting at a table doing this! Can I blame one of the kitties for taking it? It might've been the case, but I can't blame them as it was my fault if they could reach it in the first place (I try never to let components I'll be giving other be near the cats what with allergies and all).

Luckily it was just that one little thing (which was neither focal nor clasp, the two components mandatory to send) so there's still plenty of soup, but I really wanted to include it so there'll soon be a second letter on its way to Canada.


  1. congrats on participating in the bsbp again :) this is first teaser pic I've come across so YAY! I love this whole process, can't you tell?

    I tend to be paranoid about stuff when I'm about to leave, so I double check.. then check again just because... lol Every now and then I STILL miss stuff ;)

    And your teaser pic... makes me think of dragons.. you've given me dragon-on-the-brain with your recent posts lol I can totally see a dragon playing in the water .. lol

  2. Awe, you didn't need to send the second package. My soup teaser looks very alot of colors mixed in there. Can't wait for it to arrive. Thank you!!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing what you create!
    & what it is that you sent!

  4. Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed the soup will travel fast and without incidents.


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