Friday, 3 May 2013

5 years of blogging...

Yesterday, I suddenly realised it'll be five years since I started Manekis Pärlblogg, my first blog, this summer (July 1st to be precise). Five years!

I can't say that the years have flown by as it by now feels like I've been writing for that blog forever. The amazement is more with the fact that I can't really grasp it, decide whether it feels like yesterday or an eternity since I started it all. It's not like how I felt when I turned 30 -- still in denial of that! -- when it felt impossible that so many years had gone by already. That I'm fricking middle-aged now (though still living like a 20-something student -- minus the drinking and partying). The years fly by so fast when counting your own.

Five years is... five years. It doesn't feel long and it doesn't feel short. If anything, it's looking at the blog archive that makes five years feel awesome. To realise how much I've written, how many links I've tracked down and how much fact I've consumed. Of cause I see the post count tick everyday on the Blogger dashboard, but it's really when looking at the archive, year by year and month by month, the number makes sense and looks impressive. Today I've posted blog posts no. 1712 and 1713. One thousand seven hundred and thirteen.

I haven't had a blog anniversary contest or giveaway since 2009, celebrating that first year, but now I'm starting to think about doing something (sorry, might just be open to swedes depending on what sponsors I find). Maybe a bit late, though, considering I'm not really sure what I want to do. But five years... Surely it needs to be celebrated or at least observed in some way. Right? I should go hunting for sponsors and make a thing of it, don't you think? It must the worth noticing in some way.

So... no idea what to do, but now that the fact the blog is turning five struck me so sudden I really keep thinking about it. I've got less than two months to get somewhere with my thoughts -- no idea what I'll end up doing: make something big of it or just let it slip by unnoticed? Dunno.

For now it's all just that first thought that popped into my head when counting my fingers: "Huh, it'll be five years since I first posted something on Manekis Pärlblogg this summer..."


  1. You can be proud of yourself. I'm glad I found your blogs. There's still lots to read for me, as I'm rather new to them. 5 years! I hope you mostly enjoy blogging after all these years, creating, learning and teaching. Showing all those beautiful pics. I love your new feature Meowy Monday, too. You've tackled your situation in a creative way. Instead of letting it make you down you use your freedom in a positive way. You give us all so much. Thank you! Milka

    1. And thank you! Yes, I still mostly enjoy working on my blog and sharing my finds. It's a lot of fun, especially when I see that it's appreciated, that what I do inspire and teach others. At the same time it gives me deadlines and goals to work towards, adding some discipline to my days. Can't say it's not letting me down, things being the way they are, but absolutely, the blogs are really keeping me from feeling sorry for myself all the time and keep me thinking that I can do things and have something to pour my energy, skills and creativity into. I love it, even when it takes time and feel boring!


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