Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 11-12

I've almost forgotten my bi-weekly summary of my writings at my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg -- again... Anyway, this time you'll find tips on contests and challenges as well as several jewellery projecets (e.g. inspired by the Hunger games) and glossaries.

Beading with petal beads
Bead projects using the dainty, curved petal beads (I've also once seen them called cat's tongue beads). Many flowers, of cause, but a few other ideas too.

Glossary of bead drillings
Learn the english names for different types of drillings in beads.

Open house at the Art Jewelry magazine website
Full access to all features and free projects otherwise reserved for registered users or subscribers. Event runs through today, Tuesday.

Year-long challenges
Tips on some bead or jewellery related challenges that span the whole years (or much of it).

Hunger Games inspired jewellery projects
I confess, I still haven't read the books (but have read a very positive review of the film). In time for the world premier of the film based on the highly popular YA sf thrilogy, here's some free projects inspired by the story.

La Bella Joya's Mini-charm challenge
Marcie's got a pattern published in the latest issue of Beadwork magazine. She now challenges you to use that pattern in a creative way and share your results in this challenge that end on April 6.

Lima Beads' kit contest
Lima Beads have announced a new kit challenge in association with Vintaj.

Flex Your Creativity 2012
SoftFlex Co has announced the latest edition of their annual design contest. The theme this year is spool knitting.

Beaded books: headbands, bindings and covers 
In bookbinding, headbands are those little things at the top of the book spine, which are meant to protect the delicate spine from rough handling. Beading is normally just a name for a type of bi-colour stitched headband, but in this example Wendi actually uses beads. I also found another example of a hobbyist bookbinder who used beads in the binding and on the cover of one of her books.

Glossary for off-loom bead weaving
Pick up, go back through, prepare thread, 5 A -- the vocabulary of beadwork patterns can be tricky for a beginner. Here you learn the basic lingo -- and get tips on the basic techniques you need to master.

Dates for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party
Lori has presented the dates for the summer's edition of the popular bead soup parties. This time around, a new schedule will make it possible for everyone to participate.

Beaded wind chimes
Make ornaments, ranging from fun and perfect for kids to elegant and harmonius, for your garden. Beads are perfect for wind chimes, both as they're purely decorative and because a shiny glass bead also can turn a wind chime into a suncatcher.

Like birthstones, these flowers are assigned to the different months and the people born in that month. Why not make jewellery inspired by the flowers as well as the more common birthstones? (Also tips of astrology where certain flowers are associated with the different star signs.)

Stuff Beaders Say
Bead humour in this video compiling common phrases you can hear a beader say.

Beadwoven necklaces with stumpwork flowers
Interesting jewellery kits for making necklaces combining off-loom bead weaving and barbola, an embroidery technique similar to stumpwork.

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