Saturday, 24 March 2012

A sunny foggy spring day -- part 2

When looking at the flower pics I showed in yesterday's post, you might get the impression that it was a sunny (or perhaps slightly overcast) day. It was sunny. At times. But it was also foggy, as you can see in these photos from the same afternoon. As the fog often drift in from the sea, it's not unusual for it to be foggy in the west while the sky in the east is clear and blue.

Ah, yes, the kittens came after me. On the pic above you can't see Jinja, who's hiding on the other side. It's Jisse to the left and Julle to the right. They love playing on that side of the road, but are still too young to dare venture into this unknown territory on their own so they love it when me or my sis go there (so they can follow us).

I stumbled over some puffball mushrooms. Used to love finding them as a kid. Showed them to the kittens, squeezing them to release puffs of spores, but they were thoroughly unimpressed...

And that was the view west of the house. Now let's look at the sky towards the east at the same time:

I was waiting for the fog to clear up and the sun did indeed break through it more and more, but I still couldn't get a misty or let alone clear view to the north. When it seemed to have cleared up and the sun was shining, I went up the hill again. Sure, the sky was blue, but the fog enveloped the ground to the north... (if you've seen my other pics, you'd expect to see a church and houses against the horizon on the left side, which instead is covered in thick, gray fog.)


  1. Hi,
    Those are beautiful pictures of your country side, fog or no fog.

  2. Interesting pics. When I was a kid I loved to go out on dark and foggy Autumn evenings together with my sister and friends to play hide and seek. We were equipped with flashlights. It was so thrilling not to see the others or the lights before really close to each other. Nowadays I love fog and mist for their mysterious qualities. This is something I can enjoy often at the place where I live. I like your pics because they show how the seasons and the weather change everything and make the surroundings like new and interesting to look at. Your pics of plants and flowers give us a chance to share the beauty of nature with you. Your adventurous kittens always make me smile.Anna

  3. Thanks!

    Anna: sounds like a lot of fun, playing in the fog like that. It sure can be magical and adventurous for both kids and adults when a landscape is enveloped in fog, obscuring the view as well as muffling all sounds.


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