Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Seed bead cravings

Have you seen my latest pinboard, Seed bead colours? If you follow my blog you know that one of the reasons glass beads are my favourite material to work with is that there are so many colours and finishes -- and I just want them all!

Having done some beaded beads, bead embroidery for TAST and now finally picked up my twin beads, I'm really craving some new seed bead colours. Like a true bead junkie. It's not like I don't have any seed beads, though my collection is probably far from as complete as some may think, but when I see a new colour I can't help but drool and think I must have it!

Gilded Marble Turquoise, Magic Raspberry, Opaque Olive Jade Picasso with Brown and Gray Stripes, Opaque Water Colors Half Coat Apollo Gold, Ancient Matt Snowcloud, Opaque Green Lined Montana Blue, Gold-Lustered Amethyst, Inside Color Lined Gray/Copper -- how can colours (and colour names) like that not be irresistable?

And with all the options, I find myself fascinated with one finish or type of colour at the time. It used to be picasso and opal colours. Before that celsian and lustre finish on opaque colours. Before that matte metallics and frosted vitrail. And Hybrids of cause. Right now I'm very curious about colour-lined and striped seeds.

Unfortunately, I can't really afford buying beads right now eventhough it's so tempting for a seed bead addict to just whip out the ol' Visa and order all those gorgeous colours. So right now I'm restricted to online window shopping only...

Daydreaming about all the colours and finishes I will buy one day. But rarely daydreaming about what I want to make with them... As I've said many times before, I'm a collector and hoarder so it's more about falling in love with colours than thinking they'd look fab in my beadwork.

Do you have a favourite seed bead colour you think I'd like? Please, do tell. With a link or just the colour name. I'd love some new colours ideas to toy with. And we all know some colours are much lovelier IRL and therefore easy to miss when just looking through the shops online like I do.

(The photo's of some czech seed beads in travertine, a picasso finish. It's a kind of note to myself to keep my eyes out for when the new picasso finish beads from Miyuki hits the market -- check out the colours in their online sample cards. They can be found in the Process category.)


  1. I love seed beads for that reason, too -- so many colors to choose from! My favorite color ever is matte cobalt AB. It's this purplish blue that's just to die for. :)

  2. I also love matte cobalt... I really can't say that I have only one favorite. Most of them are lovely. As for bead shopping on a tight budget, I put all the beads I love into my virtual basket...and when it's time to pay, I just empty my basket. I know that I just want to have them all. Just to look at. To play with. When I really buy something, I tend to buy many colors and too few of them.. Promise us to share your explorations with the striped ones...I don't really know how to use themin an interesting way!

    1. Oh, I do exactly the same with seeds (and fire-polished), buy lots of pretty colours instead on focusing on quantity so there's enough beads to finish a project. Works great as long as you just admire and play with them, but slightly frustrating when you want to do something with them...

      And one never learns the lesson either!

  3. I visited your Seed Bead Colours pinboard and found out that there are really nice striped seed beads. The ones I've seen before were in primary colors and I don't find them attractive. I especially like the lime ones with brownish and soft white (?) stripes. Anna

  4. Funny thing about matte cobalt: I'm not a big fan of blue, but even I have some seeds in that colour. Not ab or plain matte, but silver-lined matte cobalt. There's something about that type of saturated deep blue that's hard to resist...

    If I ever get around to buying some striped seeds -- and get enough to make something with them -- I'll post it on the blog. Hopefully it'll look nice enough to show too... :p And hopefully they won't just be treasures in a treasure chest, like e.g. my lovely picasso charlottes. Hopefully I'll dare use my precious loot in my beadwork. (I tend to treat my favourite beads like it'd be impossible to get new ones, thinking "if I use these then I won't have any left for a future project"... *sigh*)


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