Friday, 30 March 2012

Crocus close-ups

Here's some crocus pics I took earlier this week. Having taken quite a lot of crocus photos lately, I focused on some more artsy close-ups this time.

(Two similar photos as I'm not sure which one I like the best.)

You can't really tell how hard it was to take these pics by looking at them. The reason for that you can see below.

Yes, Julle was in one of his extremely cuddly mode and just had to be the centre of attention the whole time, he couldn't see how some silly plants could be more important than him and he kept bumping into the camera and my arms and feet or walk in the flowers I tried to photograph. "Pat me, pat me, pat me! Me!", he seemed to say. (And I did -- after wrestling him down several times so I could get the photos.)


  1. Beautiful crocus pics. And really really handsome whiskers.(He knows it.) Did you ever measure them?Milka

    1. Thanks! I think big, stylish whiskers might run in the family: he's got an older brother, Figaro (called Figge), who has some really impressive ones. I'm sure there's a couple of pics of him in the blog.

  2. This flower is just magical! Amazing photographs!


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